FEEM Membership

Who are FEEM members?

To qualify for FEEM membership a member must be a bona fide manufacturer of commercial explosives and must be engaged in manufacture and have a centre of operations in Europe. Membership will be granted to a Company as a corporate entity and not to any person as a private individual.


There are two types of full membership:


  1. Individual Company members or Associated Companies of Multinational Groups where the main shareholder holds 50% or less of the shares are considered as Category A members.
  2. Group members such as Multinational Holding Companies, acting on behalf of any subsidiaries in which they hold a shareholding in excess of 50% are considered as Category B members.

Details of current membership are given hereafter.


Affiliation or Association

Affiliation or Association, by invitation of the Committee of the Federation, is available to other Federations, Associations and Societies which have common interests with that of the Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers. The following associations are currently affiliated or associated with FEEM:


  1. SAFEX international (SAFEX web site)
  2. The European Association for the Study of Safety Problems in the Production and Use of Propellant Powders or in abbreviated form “E.A.S.S.P.
  3. The Institute of Makers of Explosives or in abbreviated form “I.M.E.” which represents the North America Explosives Manufacturers (IME web site)
  4. The European Federation of Explosives Engineers
    or in abbreviated form “EFEE” (EFEE web site)
  5. The International Society of Explosives Engineers
    or in abbreviated form “ISEE” (ISEE web site)
  6. The Association of European Manufacturers of
    Sporting Ammunition or in abbreviated form “AFEMS” (AFEMS web site)
  7. The European Chemical Industry Council
    or in abbreviated form “CEFIC”.(CEFIC web site)

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